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Birthing of A Nail Technician: No license. No school experience. Naturally gifted. Lots of determination. This was the birth canal that Rita Powell was delivered through. As a 26-year old married mother of four children, she started her nail salon in her home in Dayton Ohio. A friend suggested that she enroll in nail school to elevate her God-given gift and natural skill. Rita enrolled in nail school but partying habits and lack of preparation caused her to fail the State Board on her first try. She recommitted and focused on her career path of becoming a licensed nail technician. Her recommitment and focus paid off and she passed State Board!

Shortly thereafter, Rita met a guy named Steven at a Vietnamese nail salon who assisted her in honing her gift and skills. At one point she thought she knew more than Steven. He told her that her problem was not listening. Steven’s words stuck with Rita so she took a step back to listen and learn from him. Steven showed her everything she needed to know to grow and survive as a nail technician. The more Rita listened, the more she learned. She was so thankful for all of Steven’s lessons, many of which she still practices to this day.

Birthing of A Nail Salon: Rita found herself divorced and now the mother of five children. As God would have it, this was not the end of her story. Rita met and worked for a nail salon owner, named Lila Vaughn who took her under her wings, mentored her, and helped her to establish her own nail salon.

Birthing of A Nail Business & Brand: Rita counts the experiences of building a business and a brand among many of the lessons that she’s learned. There are six priceless lessons that Rita is intentional about sharing. They are: 1. Being kind to people doesn’t cost you anything. 2. If you are able to bless people during hard times, do so and God will take care of you. 3. Sow good seeds and you will always have a harvest! 4. You may go through but its only for a season; not forever. 5. Know your worth and add interest, not because you are the best (and you may be) but because you believe. 6. Count those that walk in your life and not those that walk out of your life.

Over 20 years and an amazing product line later, Diamonds in the Rough Nail Salon is one of Atlanta’s premier nail salons; serving everyday beauties to celebrity clientele in the heart of southwest Atlanta.

Diamonds in the Rough Nail Salon hires highly trained professionals dedicated to providing each and every one of our clients with " impeccable and outstanding service." In short, we are "service driven" and each member of our team is a vital link in our client service chain.

Our Story

Our success is strengthened by our team’s commitment to growth and continued excellence in our daily service.

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Rita Powell

Founder & CEO

Continue to shine bright like a Diamond (in the Rough)!